7 Tips to Accelerate Your Muscle Growth and Bulk Up

Accelerate Your Muscle Growth

Not many people realize that trying to gain weight can get as challenging as trying to lose weight. If you struggle with gaining muscles and bulking up, you’re not alone. Muscle growth has a lot to do with your metabolism, body type, genes, and the kind of diet you’re on. More importantly, there’s a distinction between gaining fat and gaining muscles, and we want the latter. We’ve curated a list of ten tips you can follow to accelerate your muscle growth and bulk up.

Whether you’re looking up videos to get your form right or finding recipes to meet your calorie intake, One thing we’d like to emphasize is that you’ll need a working internet connection. Moreover, you can get advice from professional trainers and nutritionists online. Consider switching to Xfinity, which offers blazing-fast speeds and is highly reliable. Once it’s sorted, you can focus on more important stuff like bulking up. So let’s get into it.

1. Start from a lean state

The first thing you need to do is cover the basics and clarify any misconceptions you may have. Generally, it’s harder to bulk up from a lean state than it is when your body fat count is a bit higher. A part of your exercise will go towards burning the fat, which is something you can minimize if your body fat count is already low. While there is no law on exact body fat percentages, males should usually aim for less than 10% and females should go for 16% or lower.

2. Increase your calorie intake progressively

Naturally, you’ll need to increase your calorie intake if you want to increase your muscle growth. The calorie intake should be running in surplus to your daily requirement so that it can be used to build up muscles. The thing is that if you drastically increase the calorie intake, your body cannot cope with your new routine and the excess calories will be deposited as fat. However, if you gradually increase your calorie intake, your body will be able to prioritize muscle growth and fat allocation accordingly. 

3. Eat more protein

We all know that muscles are made of protein and you should increase your protein intake if you want to build your muscles. Keep in mind that not all protein is allocated to muscle growth. A part of the protein intake also goes towards muscle recovery. There’s a careful balance that needs to be followed here. If you increase the protein intake too much, you’ll just be wasting it because your body can absorb only so much protein at a time.

4. Prioritize carbs

Just as carbs are a no-go when you’re trying to lose weight, they’re essential in case you want to bulk up. Carbs also help people do high-intensity weight training. Make sure that you’re not overloading on carbs and consume them in moderation. Ideally, around 2 to 3 grams per pound of your body weight is a good start.

5. Train more often

When you’ve increased your caloric intake and your body is actively trying to use it to build your muscles, make sure that you’re pushing your body to its limits. This is necessary because otherwise, your body won’t allocate the resources to your target muscles. Increasing your training frequency allows you to get the most out of your body. You’re essentially elevating your body’s perception of normal as opposed to training once a week.

6. Train more volume

Since you’re consuming a lot, your body has the energy it needs to perform the exercises. All that’s needed is for you to push it to its limits, which you can do by increasing the frequency of your training sessions and volume (the total number of sets). Make sure to set a schedule that offers linear progression over, say, a month. Of course, there is an upper limit to this as well, and you should not overdo it. You can get further guidance from a reliable fitness trainer or get a good fitness app on your phone.

7. Go all the way

Everyone has a different level of strength and endurance, no two people will have the same level of exhaustion. This is when your body is completely drained and you literally cannot go on. At the start of each exercise, you’re doing perfect reps, but the quality of these reps drops the more reps you do. After you’ve passed your point of perfect reps, keep going until you feel like you can’t take it anymore.


This concludes our post on some of the best tips you can get to increase your muscle growth and bulk up. To recap, you need to gradually increase your caloric intake and focus more on proteins. Oh and don’t forget the carbs too. After you have sorted the nutrition part, focus on your training frequency, increase your training frequency and volume, and keep going until failure.

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