Ghost Machine: The Future of Sequential Art

Ghost Machine

Several of the biggest talents in the world of superhero comics have come together to build a new comic company called Ghost Machine. The all-star team includes Geoff Johns and Meltzer, Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut. Their new venture is a fully creator-owned comic book company aiming to shake up the industry and rival the big names.

Ghost Machine comes at a time when Hollywood strikes showed how disenfranchised creatives feel. In an interview, Meltzer told The New York Times that the old business model never puts creators first, despite their stories becoming blockbuster films. This is about to change. This new kid in town is an attempt to let artists co-own their creations and empower them in this ever-changing entertainment landscape.

1. Why Ghost Machine?

Ghost Machine stands out from other comic companies because of its commitment to putting creators first. In a recent podcast, Geoff Johns says the company is creator-owned, operated, and first of its kind. It will allow them to run everything from small things like posting previews to big stuff like schedules and financial operations.

With a team of experienced creators, the company will likely be the next big thing in the comic book space. And it’s not just a matter of writing but also production. The team is working on building a platform that is creator-driven at every level. Mr. Johns (a long-time DC comics writer) told The New York Times that everyone in the business wants to see creators thrive and continue being a crucial part of pop culture.

2. The Future of Sequential Art With New Titles

Ghost Machine’s vision for the future of sequential art is groundbreaking. First off, they intend to go beyond superheroes. They will introduce new genres, shared universes, and characters, completely run and co-owned by the creatives involved. Their primary focus is to create powerful and meaningful storylines with compelling characters that resonate emotionally with readers.

Ghost Machine’s first shared universe goes by the name The Unnamed. It is a continuation of the previous adventures of Johns and Frank’s previous creations, Geiger and Junkyard Joe. However, they will receive new titles but with new characters like Bryan Hitch and Redcoat.

The second shared universe that might also be the future of sequential art will be a futuristic world. This is where the new character from Johns and Jason Fabok, Rook, lives.

The third shared Ghost Machine universe will be a world of the Family Odysseys. Francis Manapul and Peter Tomasi’s character, The Rocketfellers, will live here. Lastly, there will be Horrorverse. It will involve a yet-to-be-named star creator.

3. What Creators Have To Say About Their New Endeavor

Geoff Johns says Ghost Machine is a creation of cooperation between the creators. He says this will not be their first time working together. Most of these creators have previously worked together on various projects at Marvel and DC. Combining this expertise and experience will likely create some of the most compelling storylines with dynamic characters.

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