The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Belly band holsters are an excellent option for those looking to conceal carry comfortably and discreetly. They are simple, retain well, and can be worn with almost any clothing.

Most belly bands have several holster pockets that accommodate your gun, extra magazines, and accessories like flashlights or nonlethal self-defense tools.


A belly band is a great concealed carry option with versatility and flexibility. It can be worn casually or during sports and fits various sizes. It is also designed to accommodate weapons with accessories like lights.

The best belly band holsters are made of stretchy elastic material, such as neoprene, and are breathable. They can be paired with other holster attachments, such as Kydex, that are rigid enough to prevent your weapon from rubbing against your stomach.

When choosing a concealed carry belly band, the most important thing to remember is to consider your needs and what you will use it for. Whether you need to go running or want to reach your gun easily after work, there’s a belly band holster that will fit your needs.


Unlike traditional holsters, belly bands don’t have any hard edges that could dig into the skin. This makes them incredibly comfortable and ideal for use in various situations and attires.

Additionally, some of them come with additional holster pockets for accessories and nonlethal self-defense tools. This makes them great for women who don’t like to carry a big firearm or want more options.

Other companies also add a magazine compartment and use breathable neoprene for comfort in warm environments. This makes them suitable for running or heavy exercise. You can find them at your local gun store or online retailers that specialize in holsters. This allows you to try them out before deciding which suits you.


Belly band holsters fill a niche that few other holster types can. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of carrying your weapon without a belt or a solution that works for sports like running, hiking, and cycling, a belly band offers comfort, adaptability, and reliability.

The smooth polyester jersey material is breathable to keep you comfortable, while the antimicrobial design helps prevent odor over time. The elastic band is sized to fit most waist sizes and can be trimmed for customized fit. The holster features a rigid laminate shield to protect the trigger guard and two additional pockets for accessories like keys or a flashlight. It is compatible with the Modular Holster system, which lets you choose from various holsters specific to your gun for maximum versatility.


Unlike traditional holsters, belly bands do not require belt loops or clips to be worn. Instead, they stretch over the waist and attach to the holster or other secure means. This allows for various carrying positions, such as an appendix or small-of-back carry.

They also have extra pockets or compartments for a flashlight, spare magazines, and other accessories. These additional features can help you better organize your carry setup.

Belly bands are comfortable for extended periods, mainly for running or exercising. They are usually made from breathable fabric, which helps prevent irritation and keeps the gun cool for all-day comfort. Additionally, they are designed to be ambidextrous, meaning you can use them on either side of your body.


A high-quality belly band holster with a snug fit and secure straps should be comfortable to wear throughout the day. It should also offer a strong enough design to provide proper retention and trigger coverage to protect you against accidental discharges.

Most belly bands feature a sewn-in holster pocket for your gun with an extra retention safety strap or Kydex’s natural retention system. Some even have pockets stitched into the belt to carry a slim wallet, spare magazine, or other essentials. A downside to this is that a belly band takes up space around the waist and can get sweaty in hot weather. This can make reholstering a firearm more difficult. However, some models use a Kydex insert to transform the holster into an IWB or OWB holster for versatility.

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